Kanazawa University Hospital



Kanazawa University hospital is dedicated to providing excellent medical care and to training outstanding and humane medical professionals.

Kanazawa University Hospital is dedicated to providing the best medical care to patients with the most advanced technology and a superior team. In particular, we provide advanced medical care which cannot be provided by other hospitals to patients with major and rare diseases. Our aim is to be a hospital that is relied upon and selected by patients by creating a "brand" of our greatest strengths and fields of specialization. We train and develop doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, who will take an active leadership role in the future by taking on our stated principles.


To provide high-quality health care in an ethical manner.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality of healthcare by all of our healthcare professionals taking into consideration the patient as a human being.

To train medical practitioners in state of the art medicine.

Our aim is to actively promote clinical studies to create new drugs and develop new treatment methods.

To undertake research and development to further progress in clinical medicine.

Our aim is to develop excellent human resources as a clinical training organization for all medical workers.

To contribute to the local community health services.

Our aim is to contribute to the development of local medical services by whole-heartedly supporting medical care in the Hokuriku Region, mainly in Kanazawa and Ishikawa.

Patient Rights

The patient's will shall be fairly respected, and the patient has a right to high quality medical care.

Patients have the right to receive high quality medical care for any illness, considering safety without discrimination based on race, beliefs, sex or social status, etc.

The patient's privacy shall be protected, and personal information strictly safeguarded.

A patient's personal information obtained through medical treatment shall be strictly safeguarded so as not to be leaked to the outside.

The patient has a right to a sufficient explanation of their medical situation, and to choosing the manner of their treatment.

The patient has a right to an understandable and sufficient explanation of his or her medical treatment, including the purpose, method, details, risk, prognosis, disease development, etc. The patient has a right to select or refuse the manner of treatment based on his or her own free will after a satisfactory explanation. The patient shall not be subject to unfair treatment if the patient refuses.

The patient has the right to participate, or refuse a request to participate, in clinical trials.

As the hospital is an educational and research hospital, we may ask patients to cooperate for purposes of clinical education or clinical studies. The patient has a right to participate in or refuse clinical studies at his or her discretion.

The patient may request to see their medical records.

The patient has a right to know the medical treatment being received. If requested by the patient, medical records will be made available.